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The Missing Piece
Every family has it's secrets. When you delve into your past who knows what you'll find. The Missing Piece connects well known New Zealanders to their famous ancestors they never knew they had. Katie's tūpuna, Te Kapinga McClutchie, was at Parihaka on one of the darkest days in New Zealand history. At age 42, Katie is determined to learn more about who she really is.
Under The Vines
Rebecca Gibney and Charles Edwards play two urbanites who inherit a struggling vineyard in rural New Zealand, but they face two major obstacles: both have never experienced a day of hard labor, and they harbor mutual animosity toward each other.
6 part x one hour Maori gang thriller. Katie played the terrifying power hungry gang matriarch Hinapōuri - her name means dark side of the moon.
The Brokenwood Mysteries
With the assistance of Detective Kristin Sims, Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd investigates a wide range of murder mysteries in Brokenwood, a small town in the countryside of New Zealand. The Brokenwood Mysteries is loved all around the world and is into it's 10th season. Katie has directed 4 feature length episodes of this South Pacific Pictures murder mystery set in a small kiwi town-  Season 5 -'Bride Not To Be', Season 6 - 'Dead and Buried', Season 7 - The Garotte and the Vinkelbraun',  Season 9 - 'Damolcles (Brokenwood the musical)'.
A journey through New Zealand history focusing on treasures and artefacts linked to Maori culture, while exploring contemporary themes and challenging people to examine what sort of New Zealand to leave for the next generation.
Head High
Mana and Tai, rising stars of high school rugby, are the subject of "Head High." With the support of their step-father and coach, Vince, and their mother, Renee, who is a police officer, the brothers strive to achieve their goal of donning the black jersey and fulfilling the "Kiwi" dream.
My Life is Murder
My Life is Murder follows the adventures of fearless private investigator Alexa Crowe, who solves the most baffling crimes as well as coping with the frustrations of everyday life. Katie Wolfe directed two episodes of this Murder Mystery Comedy TV show in season 2, episodes 7 & 8.
In 2017, a feature film titled "Waru" was created with the collaboration of eight Māori women, each directing a 10-minute segment that revolved around the tangi of a boy named Waru.
He Māngai Wāhine
A documentary that tells the story of revolutionary wāhine Māori who fought for parliamentary rights and more in the late 1800's - told through their descendants.
The Ring Inz
The Ring Inz captures the colourful world of competitive kapa haka provided the backdrop for this comedy/drama, which ran for three seasons. Katie became world famous on marae throughout Aotearoa as Nanny Fanny.
Released in March 2019, the bittersweet musical is based on the true story of a Waikato couple's romance in the 60s, and the pop-rock soundtrack that shaped their lives. The love story features re-imaginings of iconic songs from Crowded House, The Exponents and more.
"Redemption" tells the powerful and emotionally charged tale of two Māori adolescents navigating their own personal struggles in a raw and emotional journey.
This is Her
This is Her moves between then and now, as fate delivers a less-than-wonderful life in Auckland suburbia. Selected for the Sundance Film Festival, This is Her was a breakout festival success, earning Wolfe notice as a filmmaker to watch.
La Vie En Rose
Audreys Foggin's drab existence changes when she meets Barry. A cautionary tale about seeing life through rose coloured glasses. Audrey is a sultry young Catholic woman living in the 1950s.  She tries to break free of her drab, conformist existence - dominated by religious guilt and fear - by idealising her postie, Barry. Reality, however, turns out to be rather more complex.
The Off Season
Kicking a soccer ball is the only escape for a young boy struggling to come to terms with the absence of his father. In his grief, he becomes available to the world of ghosts, where he discovers a boy caught between life and death. He realises soccer is the key to helping the boy – and in the process finds a way to get over his loss and restart his own life.
Kawa is based on the the Witi Ihimaera novel, Nights in the Gardens of Spain, directed by Katie Wolfe and first aired in 2010.
Go Girls
Go Girls ran five seasons, after introducing us to a group of 20-something friends, each aiming to make a major life change in the next year.